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Sunny Singh Bollywood Dance Workshop Funky

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Sunny Singh Bollywood Dance Workshops im Studio & Online live Zoom

Sa.26.03.22 & So.27.03.22

Sunny Singh kommt aus der Bollywood Filmindustrie wo er mit Bollywood Größen wie Aishwarya Rai Bachchan arbeitete. In seinen Workshops lernst du von einem original Bollywood Tänzer und Choreografien indische Filmtänze.

Sa.26.03.22, 2h, 17:00 Uhr

  Choreography: “Rangi Sari Gulabi”
(Bollywood Classical)
This choreography tells a story of a beautiful Princess/Queen who expresses her feelings for his love of life.
Dance style is beautiful and graceful.

So.27.03.22, 2h, 17:00 Uhr

Choreography: “O boleta sala”
(Bollywood funky)
This choreography tells a story of a woman who is celebrating her life with the modern dance culture of India.
Dance style is graceful and sensual (Sexy style)

All choreographies are originally created and designed by Sunny Singh.

Sunny Singh Workshop Ticket Sa.26.03.22 Bollywood Classical RANGI SARI GULABO

Sunny Singh Workshop Ticket So.27.03.22 Bollywood Funky O BOLETA SALA

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